1. Privacy:

Being an online shopping destination, uses your personal information to avail its products and services to you. Hence it is our primary concern to protect your privacy and not at all share your information in any direct or Indirect way. We assure you not to collect any irrelevant information which is not required to complete an order. We only collect information’s like your name, communication address and your contact details in order to complete your order. However you might be asked some security questions at the time of login for a safe and secure transaction.

Why we need your personal Information and how we use it:

  • To ease your online purchase experience on
  • For an effective communication related to your inquiries, complaints and returns between you and
  • To inform you about the latest offers from the company and to inform you of any special discount we are offering you with a coupon code.
  • To Inform you about the changes in the company’s policy, terms of usage and privacy.
  • To inform you about our newly launched products or fast selling items that may interest you.
  • To listen to your suggestions on how we can improve the service quality of the company.
  • To facilitate your experience of shopping in a smooth mannera and execute your order at a lightening speed, we need your Name, Communication address, Contact information and Payment Details.
  • To know a bit about your taste so that we show you relevant content while visiting in order to save your time.
  • To monitor usage of our resources like pictures, informations of the website from visitors end in order to protect the idea uniqueness of our work.
  • To improve the content and appearance of the website.
  • To enforce laws of India in all the product and services offerings, Buying and selling, payments, delivery and returns.
  • Security
  • It is the company’s top priority to Protect your personal information. The company never shares your personal information with anyone at any cost. We use standard safeguards to keep your personal information safe. We use end to end encrypted high end security protocols and mechanisms for exchange of sensitive information such as online payment by your card or net banking. The company never asks you for these sensitive details until and unless you buy a product from its official website and choose to pay online. Hence you are also advised to stay alert from the frauds and spams in case any one asks you about your details in our company’s name.
  • Advertising
  • The company may use some advertisements of its own products or third party products on its website. We assure that no personal information is leaked in this. Once you click an advertisement while you are logged in or not, we only keep a count on the number of clicks on that content. We may show these contents compliments more of our visitors interests i.e the more number of clicks the more often you see an advertisement and vice versa. Again it has nothing to do with your personal information.
  • User Discretion
  • You are not asked for any personal information while browsing through our website, until and unless you wish to puchase a product and choose to pay online. You can always choose to provide an information to provide and not until it is a mandatory field and we cannot process your order without that. While logging in all your personal information is protected with your username and password. you are not advised to share your username and password with anyone because your personal information can be acquired through that and the company doesn’t stop you from accessing your data if you are logged in. We use your personal contact information for sending our newsletters, newly launched products, promotional offers if you click a box asking your permission for this. However you can stop this email conversation at anytime by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the mail.
  • Important Disclaimer
  • Although the company protects your personal data by all possible means, you are also advised to protect this by doing the following:
  • Do not share your login credentials with any one at any cost.
  • The company never asks you for your bank details and card details until and unless you wish to buy a product from the company’s website and choose to pay online. Hence you are not advised to share these with any spam calls or spam pages similar to the websites name. Our Company is not at all liable if you share any of your personal details with these spams/frauds. You are responsible for your own security and secrecy.